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Amazon Launches 69-Cent Music Store

Amazon Launches 69-Cent Music Store has started to sell digital song downloads for just 69-cents. They are hoping the move drives more traffic to their e-commerce website and increase the activity of their music storage services.

The price cut is effective for song singles and is not a new promotion. However, Amazon did upgrade the site and now dedicates an entire page to the 200 songs currently being sold for 69-cents. Roughly 15 million songs are available in total but a limited amount of tunes have been reduced to the lower price.

At the time of announcement by Amazon, some of the country’s top artists were in the discount bin including Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. Amazon hopes that by continuing to keep prices low on Top 40 titles, music sales will receive a boost and the website’s music store will continue to improve in traffic numbers.

Currently, Apple’s iTunes music stores leads the market in digital downloads but Amazon is confident the discounted music is a bold step but one in the right direction. They are hopeful they will increase their competitiveness with Apple and lure some of iTunes customers away over time.

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  •  AkashPhoneWale 26th of Sep, 2014

    Amazon cheats by selling the new phones online.
    I have ordered new i-phone 4 and i-phone 5 through Amazon few weeks before. And paid in full for the new i-phones, but the sellers cheated me by shipping me the old/used phones. I came to know about this fraud when I visited Apple for the performance issue of these phones. I bought the new i-phone5 in Feb, 2014 but Apple says it was activated and used in 2013.
    When I came to know about the fraud, I contacted Amazon but it doesn't 'act' on this report. I have got really funny reasons from Amazon for not refunding the money - Amazon gave a reason that the order has passed 90 days so A-to-Z guarantee claim cannot be filed and in addition the seller has ordered a 'shampoo' through Amazon, so money cannot be refunded. Below are my order and product details and also the response from Amazon.
    I have all the supporting documents and communications, please suggest me what to do?
    Order and item details: Product: i –Phone 5, Black, 16 GB, New.
    Order Placed: February 9, 2014 order number: 113-7253028-3677841
    Model: MD654LL/A
    Serial Number: F2LKRRD9F8H2

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  •  Mohand Salah 1st of Oct, 2015


  •  Anonymouse95 28th of Apr, 2017

    I love amazon but their music system is way too hard to use. Apple is easier but too expensive.

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