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Complaints Against Dentists Up 9% From Last Year

Complaints Against Dentists Up 9% From Last Year

According to the Better Business Bureau, more people complain about dentists than lawyers. Dental practitioners are among the top 50-professions consumers complain about. Last year the number of complaints rose 9% to 3,750.

To offset declining revenue, consumer advocates claim some dentists are aggressively selling products and services patients may not need. In a recent survey by the American Dental Association, 48% of dentists claimed they had seen a drop in income as patients put off not only elective procedures, but routine checkups and dental care.

Raymond Willeford, president of the Academy of Dental CPAs, estimates that 85% of dentists are in significant debt. Dental school is costly. Whether starting a practice from scratch or buying an existing practice, the investment can easily swell to over half a million dollars. The abundance of new technology available to dentists comes with a hefty price tag that is normally financed.
Though a few dentists might try to ease their financial burden by taking advantage of vulnerable patients, most are not. Many dentists are more accommodating than ever before. Some practices are offering free perks and giveaways much more valuable than a small tube of toothpaste and new toothbrush for their patients who maintain a schedule of regular visits. Some have even instituted reward-type programs like the airlines where points are accrued and later redeemed for valuable prizes.

And, a surprising number of dentists have become flexible with their fee structure. If there’s a service you want or need, try negotiating what you’ll pay for it. You never know if your dentist will lower the price of a service unless you ask. As the saying goes, “Nothing beats a failure but a try.”

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N  1st of Mar, 2010 by   daddy1016
Has there been any complaints against Fazil Mohammed, DDS? Please advise.
N  29th of Sep, 2010 by   NRT
Dentist are agressively selling products and services that customers definitely do not need.

For example, if you are from Minnesota and on vacation in South Florida and you develop minor concern such as a cavity or crown loosening, visit 3 different dentists in S Florida and they will tell you that what is needed is major work. One says you need a new crown and all your fillings replaced, another says you need all new crowns and a tooth removed, another says you need all your crowns removed and all your fillings replaced. Your need not wonder why it made sense to visit three dentists when their recommendations seemed so outrageous.

Better to wait until you return to the dentist you know you can trust (obviously not in South Florida) and find out that a simple small filling was needed. No other problems developed and the dentists in question were clearly liars and money grubbers.

So when they offer you trips to sucker you in, you can imagine how hard up they are to get your money ... from what I have observed, more than they deserve and no doubt more than you have when they get through with you.

If the dentist becomes more flexible with fee structure that is obviously to get you into debt with them, recommending treatments you don't really need, nd then you can be sure they will come after you like Al Capone threatening to break everything in you life short of your kneecaps (maybe that too considering their intent and desperation.)

Since this did occur in S Florida and 3 dentists in row is a pretty signficant certainly this type of criminal ly faudulent behavior can be added to other awful thing I had heard about the area. (Road rage, violence, butchering horses a... nd now dentists butchering their customers.)

Get several opinions if you don't know the dentist for many years ... and if it is in South Florida, get at least 5 opinions even if you do know the dentist for years (preferably have some opinions from a dentist from another state.)

Some dentists, I learned some have developed their own financial medical problems or started drinking or taking drugs),and need the money desperately. Not surprising, they're not gods, they're just technicians. IT is just too bad that these technicians do have access to the very lives, safety, health of unsuspecting people.

Your life, health (and financial security) is worth more than tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, airmiles, other prizes or the dentist's fake smile. Watch yourself.
N  7th of Feb, 2011 by   aducat50
have their been any complaints by employees of richard nessif

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